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I am a Young Latino Conservative Activist in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I became actively involved in politics when I was 15 years old by opposing the then-Superintendent of FWISD (Dr. Kent Scribner)’s hastily and poorly planned initiative to physically split/separate my school into two separate schools. I organized parents, students and teachers to attend school board meetings, sign petitions and repeatedly call on Dr. Scribner urging him to either modify or abandon his plan.  My goal was to have and execute a well thought out plan that would be good for the students and community, not a poor plan implemented just for “metrics”. Eventually after four months Dr. Scribner decided to abandon his plan to physically split/separate my school into two separate schools. Ever since then I have organized multiple rallies and marches to support Law Enforcement, former President Trump and the Conservative movement in general. I have also organized protests against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Dr. Scribner. I have helped with many campaigns ranging from state representative races to state senate races, and have helped register many citizens to vote. My heart is centered in community organizing, planning and involvement—for example, I organize and conduct community clean-up events, informational meetings and other social and communal activities.  As I grow and progress in my political and community activism, I hope to expand the impacts and effects of my work to more citizens and communities in the state and country that I love.

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FWISD School Board votes to allow a woke candidate to stay in vacant district

It is no surprise that the final vote for the E2 modified map was a 5-3 vote. E2 Modified map would move precinct 1005 back to district four. Under the original Redistricting committee plan (E2), the precinct would have been moved to district 2. Jacinto Ramos and his progressive squad objected, stating that precinct 1005Continue reading “FWISD School Board votes to allow a woke candidate to stay in vacant district”

FWISDs Promotion of Courageous Conversations and CRT Equity Walks

The FWISD has many videos explaining their support for Courageous Conversations and the Equity walks. It appears that the anti-racism Ibram X. Kendi work that is being done is done so that the Equity Department can have relevance to exist and use taxpayers’ money. On the Equity Courageous Conversations 2018 video, several FWISD employees praiseContinue reading “FWISDs Promotion of Courageous Conversations and CRT Equity Walks”

FWISD Racial Equity Committee Postpones meeting and lacks transparency

FWISD Racial Equity Committee just recently postponed its January meeting. The REC page did not state why the meeting was postponed, but it should not be a surprise if it were canceled because the parents are now starting to attend and question their activities and purpose. The community of parents has criticized the Committee forContinue reading “FWISD Racial Equity Committee Postpones meeting and lacks transparency”

December 2021 CRT Fort Worth Protest
Trump 2020 Rally
Press Conference against CRT in Fort Worth
November 2020 Fox & Friends Interview

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