Get involved to make a difference.

My Name is Carlos Turcios

I am a Young Latino Conservative Activist in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. I have organized multiple rallies and marches to support Law Enforcement, the Conservative movement, and Former President Trump. I have helped with many campaigns from state representative to senate races. Helped register many citizens to vote. And have organized community service projects such as Cleanups. Ever since I was 15-years-old I have been involved with school board, city council, Sheriff, House of Representatives, and many other races. The only way you make a difference is by getting involved. So, I intend to stay active in the community.

My Activities

October 2020 Dallas Back the Blue March
November 2020 March for President Trump
Campaigning for State Representative Goldman
Fort Worth Seminary Cleanup
2020 Back the Blue Lunch Appreciation Day
July 2020 Fort Worth Back the Blue March

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