My Name is Carlos Turcios

I am a Young Latino Conservative Activist in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. My parents came here in the 80s and 90s. My mother is from Mexico and my father is from El Salvador. Ever since I was 15-years-old I have been involved with school board, city council, Sheriff, House of Representatives, and many other races. My biggest experience in politics was when the FWISD wanted to separate my High School into two schools in 2017. I organized parents, teachers and students to attend the FWISD Board meetings and push back. We had meetings with the superintendent and made petitions. It took 4 months and eventually the Superintendent changed his plan to separate the school.

Ever since then I have organized multiple rallies and marches to support Law Enforcement, the Conservative movement, Former President Trump, and have gone to the White House. I have helped with many campaigns from state representative to senate races. Helped register many citizens to vote. And have organized community service projects such as Cleanups. The only way you make a difference is by getting involved. So, I intend to stay active in the community.


Senator Cornyns Re-Election October Fort Worth Bus Tour
White House RNC Acceptance Speech
Fort Worths Mayor Prices Fundraiser
Georgia Senate Runoff Election
Sheriff Waybourns Election Victory
Keep Dallas Safe Event
March Against Human Trafficking (Fort Worth)
Registering People to Vote
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