My Name is Carlos Turcios

I am a Young Latino Conservative Activist in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. My parents came here in the 80s and 90s to seek the American dream. Both of my parents worked since they were in their teens to help their families pay the bills and provide food. My mother who’s from Ciudad Juarez came to the US in 1992. And my father who is from El Salvador fled the country whenever the country was engulfed in a civil war in 1986. I was fortunate to have been raised by two strong hard working parents who taught me to always value and appreciate this land. To appreciate the freedoms and opportunities that are not seen elsewhere in the world.

When I was 15 years old the FWISD Superintendent proposed a plan to separate my school into two schools. The reason for this proposal was to address the overcrowding that the World Languages Institute was experiencing. Every year the school would add a new grade level until it reached the 12th grade. The building were we where at at reached the limit for how many people were able to attend. The plan was flawed despite its good intentions. Teachers who taught middle school and high school would not be able to teach at two different locations at once. Also the high school students with this plan would be placed inside another high school while the construction for the permanent building was being done. Parents who had placed their kids at the school would now have to travel to two different locations to pick up their kids. And the Superintendent still taught it would be the same school. It would not. Parents and teachers rejected the plan and despite the backlash Superintendent Scribner ignored us and proceeded to implement the plan.

On the summer of 2017 I organized parents, teachers and students to attend school board meetings, sign petitions, call trustees and meet with the superintendent. We would attend board meetings after board meetings and no change was done. Parents would start to lose moral and ultimately stop fighting. One by one our movement would start to shrink. But despite the obstacles and the dissolution I never gave up and made sure that the remaining parents did not give up. It took us four months of making noise and getting a trustee to take action that finally on August of 2017 the superintendent abandoned the plan to split my school in to two. And ever since then my life has forever been changed.

Public Comment (August 2017)
August 2017

Due to my achievement at the age of 15 the then-FWISD Board President appointed me to the Equity Committee for FWISD in 2017. I joined the committee thinking it was a committee that was going to make an impact in schools. But to my disappointment by the third meeting the members started talking about Democrat politics and subject matters that did not help schools. I realized it was all a con-job. But rather than leaving I decided to stay as a member for four years to gather information on what they were doing and what they were planning to do. By leaving I would have let the Committee run their show without the public knowing what was really happening. Some meetings would bring up a lot of anti-white rhetoric. And eventually I realized that the teachings and trainings that they were doing was something called Critical Race Theory. I would leave the committee in 2021 and start exposing the activities that the committee and the ISD was doing. From the teacher emails showing how the teacher was dehumanized in an Equity Training because he was white. To videos showing how students were having to line up and do military style drills for hours chanting Critical Race Theory and Anti-racism rhetoric. And organizing marches and protests in 2021 to end the practice of CRT in FWISD. I did this because I knew that what was happening was wrong and a disservice for our students.

November 2021 Fox News Interview

I continued to organize parents to attend the school board meetings every month, demanding the resignation of the superintendent Scribner. We ultimately got the Racial Equity Committee Co-Chair Norma Garcia Lopez to resign in December of 2021. Trustee Jacinto Ramos would also resign on March 8, 2022, and finally, on March 2022, the Board unanimously voted to accept Superintendent Scribner’s resignation.

May 2021 FWISD Board meeting CRT Protest
May 2021 FWISD Protest against CRT
June 2021 CRT Protest
December 2021 Protest Against CRT
January 2022 interview about Scribner decision to leave once his contract expired
January 2022 interview about Scribner decision to leave once his contract expired
March 2022 interview about the board accepting Scribner resignation for August of 2022 (update)

During this period I began getting involved in the Republican Party. I would volunteer for several campaigns ranging from congress to state House of Representatives. I would also become a voter deputy registrar and a precinct chair as well. On the summer of 2020 during the height of the BLM riots I decided to make a back the blue march in downtown Fort Worth. On July 25, 2020 I was able to get 500 people to march to support law enforcement. We outnumbered the BLM rioters and we showed the city that the majority of residents backed the blue. I would ultimately create another back the blue march in Downtown Dallas on October 2020 which got 200 people. I organized two Trump rallies in Fort Worth on October 2020 and November of 2020. Each getting 250-500 people.


White House RNC Acceptance Speech
Georgia Senate Runoff Election
Sheriff Waybourns Election Victory
Keep Dallas Safe Event
March Against Human Trafficking (Fort Worth)
Registering People to Vote
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