FWISD Student Indoctrination and more CRT Insanity!

MBK and MSK Logo

FWISD has multiple student-led organizations that are focused on racial equity and social justice, such as My Brothers Keepers, My Sisters Keepers, United Voices for Change, etc. These organizations are there to help students of color, but they fail to do so in reality. Most of the time, it is focused on Critical Race Theory subjects and useless exercises.

One type of session is the drill that is done at the My Brothers Keepers student group. Students will line up for hours and do chants such as “What is MBK?” and the students would reply, “My Brothers Keepers.” They would even chant, “Who founded it?” and the students would reply, “Barack Obama.” These types of sessions are in most FWISD schools. And yes, even elementary schools.

Down below are the videos from an Elementary school and a High School.

My Brothers Keepers Drill (YMLA) Middle-High School
My Brothers Keepers Drill (Elementary School)

Another event is the Racial Equity Summit of 2020. During this summit, we had several speakers talk about race and the equity work that is being done. One of the speakers spoke about a “little white man inside all of us” and how the wheel of power/privilege is used. Seriously, how does learning this help with improving student achievement?

November 2020 FWISD Equity Summit

Your taxpayer’s money is being wasted on CRT rhetoric that does not help with student performance. The FWISD should be investing its 2 million dollars into other areas that help improve the poor scores that the ISD currently has. Learning about wokeness will not help students learn how to pay their bills or how to be prepared for the future workforce.

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