FWISDs Equity Department Mother of all Documents

Courageous Conversations Handbook

FWISD has Courageous Conversation as a teacher training option for teachers. The egregious documents below highlight the most absurd theories and rhetoric surrounding race and what teachers have to learn throughout the training. From “examining whiteness” to the “white privilege” exercise, we can see that most items are not related to actual teaching skills or tools that can apply to classes. But instead are concepts and theories that are filled with ignorance and hatred towards one group of people.

Next, we have the FWISD Racial Equity Committee documents that show how CRT is practiced and utilized whenever agendas are made. From having “White families are engined of inequality” to describing anyone who is white as ignorant people and as “white saviors,” we can see the obsession of color with this committee.

When will FWISD focus on students instead of CRT?

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