CRT Training in FWISDs Art Department

Page 4 of the Culturally Responsive Teaching

A Whistleblower from FWISD has leaked these Art Teacher training documents to the public. The training presentation is 25 pages long and is filled with CRT elements. Page 4 states, “Through CRT, teachers create a connection between student’s home and school lives…” On later slides, it has Amy Sherald; an American artist quoted preaching woke CRT rhetoric, “White collectors continue to ask me if I’m ever going to paint white people. It’s interesting to me because it shows me they recognize the absence of themselves in a room full of my paintings but don’t recognize the absence of us in the greater narrative.”

The PowerPoint has symbols associated with social justice causes, such as the Social Justice Fist. How much money is being spent on this training? And will FWISD enforce the law Ince SB3 goes into effect this December 1st? Only time will tell.

Down below are screenshots of the presentation.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 4
Page 5
Page 14
Page 15
Page 25

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