How Critical Race Theory is the Greatest Con Job in History

Superintendent Scribner and Trustee Jacinto Ramos at the 2019 Fort Worth ISD Cesar Chavez-Dolores Huerta Day of Service

We all have heard about Critical Race Theory, SEL, Micro-aggressions, and other woke talking points in the news media and social media. Many people on the Right like to tie all of this to Marxism and Socialism. But in reality, it is much more complex than what is written on paper. It is true that some intellectuals are socialists and espouse socialist talking points. But for most people that provide services using CRT and SEL, it is nothing more than a business. Let’s look at Fort Worth ISD, for example.

Texas Scorecard and Fox News have reported that Fort Worth ISD alone spends over two million dollars on the Equity Department. That alone pays 202,000 dollars to the Chief of Equity and Excellence. Out of the 2,099,820 spent, 789,448 dollars is just on salaries alone. The two executive directors for the Equity Department make over 120,000 dollars.

Fort Worth also has ties with Equity Vendors such as Leadership ISD that can charge up to 8,500 dollars for training. Leadership ISD’s Chief of Equity makes 124,000 dollars, and Jacinto Ramos, a current FWISD trustee, makes 103,000 dollars as chief of governance and boards.

Another Equity Consulting Vendor called Pacific Education Group has partnered with Fort Worth ISD to provide training and consulting. PEG has charged 41,000 dollars to do equity walks in Fort Worth schools. And over 22,000 dollars in consulting fees to help with the My Brothers Keepers Organization in Fort Worth ISD. The vendor also charged 6,000 dollars for a speaker to attend the 2018 Fort Worth ISD Equity Summit.

Despite the Fort Worth Equity Department being formed in 2016, the Fort Worth Report made an article this past April stating that the 2019 TEA data shows that only 22% of black students, 33% of Hispanic students, and 58% of white students in Fort Worth are on reading grade level. Add in COVID/Online learning as a factor, and that number will be lower for all groups for 2021.

Fort Worth is not the only ISD.

Dallas ISD 2020 Bond initiative allocates 40 million dollars to Racial Equity, and the ISD plans to partner with outside organizations to make sure it is successful.

Do you see a pattern? The people advocating for Critical Race Theory and Anti-Racism ideals make a good amount of money, from consulting fees to speakers being paid thousands of dollars. CRT and Anti-Racism is nothing more than a multi-million woke industrial complex. Or, in simple words, a con-job.

CRT advocates have accelerated this con-job of grifting an entire population. Ibram X. Kendi, the famous CRT advocate who wrote: “How to be an Anti-racist,” is worth over a million dollars and charges 20,000 dollars per hour for virtual presentations. Robin DiAngelo, the author of “White Fragility, is worth over 1.5 million dollars. And you have the founder of Black Lives MatterPatrisse Cullors, who recently bought a 1.4 million dollar gated house in LA. Add the other three places, and the total expenditure is 3.2 million dollars.

In their world, oppression must always exist, and any form of progress must be dismissed because that’s the only way their position can stay relevant. They want to dismantle the meritocracy and replace it with their built-in fraudulent meritocracy.

They will fight tooth and nail to protect their livelihood because it is based on a lie. A lie that is slowly infecting our institutions and poisoning the minds of millions of young Americans. The 2020 Summer riots that terrorized the nation last year is just one of the many symptoms that this lie has created in America.

2020 Summer Riots

These people do not care if America burns because for as long they can have their six-figure career, fancy houses, and potential promotional gigs, that’s all that matters. They do not have an ideology; they only follow where the money and power go. For them, Marxism and Socialism are a means to obtain what they truly desire: power. And that’s what makes them more dangerous.

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