FWISDs Promotion of Courageous Conversations and CRT Equity Walks

The FWISD has many videos explaining their support for Courageous Conversations and the Equity walks. It appears that the anti-racism Ibram X. Kendi work that is being done is done so that the Equity Department can have relevance to exist and use taxpayers’ money. On the Equity Courageous Conversations 2018 video, several FWISD employees praise the Equity work. One of the directors even stated that “if you are uncomfortable with it, then you might be the issue; if you are not on board, then this isn’t the place for you.” How ironic. So if you criticize any of their approaches, I guess you are to be shunned and not given a voice.

The 2020 “Why we Walk” video shows how the ISD does their equity walk and why they do it. Equity walks look at the student racial population, the images on the wall, and see if it reflects the student population. One of the participants next to Assistant Superintendent Jerry Moore complained about how a geometry class was “largely white.” And one of the Equity Specialists even complained about how some classes were overflowed with students of “colors.”

Although the Equity Department has existed since 2016, the results are precise. No progress has happened as 2022 Fort Worth City Stats show that only 32% of FWISD students are on grade level for reading. Walking and fixating on color does not help students with math, reading, and science. But walking and virtue signaling does help fill the pockets of bureaucrats from the Equity Department as they get 2 million of taxpayers’ money every year.

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