FWISD School Board votes to allow a woke candidate to stay in vacant district

It is no surprise that the final vote for the E2 modified map was a 5-3 vote. E2 Modified map would move precinct 1005 back to district four. Under the original Redistricting committee plan (E2), the precinct would have been moved to district 2. Jacinto Ramos and his progressive squad objected, stating that precinct 1005 would have displaced a candidate of color from district four. This candidate is Wallace Bridges, who has ties to Leadership ISD and Ramos. Quinton, Ramos, CJ Evans, and Roxanne voted against the E2 original plan, while Tobi, Ryan, Darr, and Luebanos voted against Ramos’s E2 modified map. Both motions ended up in a tie. By the third round, Ramos made a motion again for the E2 modified map, and the motion passed with a 5-3 vote with Ryan joining. Ramos was quoted saying, “can I make the same motion that I made before? So id like to put that first motion back out there. Yeah… this is healthy democracy I’m not tripping.”

Ramos and Quinton would state how it was anti-black and against people of color not to support the E2 modified map. Ramos wanted to keep precinct 1005 in district four since it would allow Wallace Bridges to run for the special election to fill the vacant seat for District four. If Wallace were to win, the board would have a 5-4 progressive woke majority and then place a board president that would spearhead all the woke equity work in Fort Worth ISD.

This was able to pass since Republican Trustee CJ Evans has sided with the Equity progressive squad. With CJ betraying her constituents of District 5, Ramos will always get what he wants.

This was not about representing the black or Hispanic community but solidifying Jacintos power on the board. Wallace would give Ramos progressive squad a five-vote majority. Using race to bully trustees and shame them is just one of Ramos’s main tactics.

This vote shows the hypocrisy of Jacinto Ramos since he has consistently criticized “politricks.” But yet, he is the embodiment of politricks. Ramos works for Leadership ISD and makes 103,000 dollars. Ramos would always champion community input but was hypocritical in this case since he disagreed with the community input for the E2 regular map and decided to go against the community. Ramos owns five houses, defended Norma Garcia Lopez despite Norma eventually resigning due to her doxing and harassing parents, and has preached anti-racism rhetoric in the ISD. Ramos even threatened to expose the board back in October by showing which firms backed trustees. Ramos even stated that opening back schools would hurt black and brown kids. Ramos is nothing more than a con artist out there finding ways to make money and keep the power on the board.

I want to thank Trustee Tobi, Darr, and Luebanos for backing the community and voting no on the E2 modified map.

First Round to vote for the E2 modified map 4-4
Second round to support the original E2 map 4-4
This round has the E2 modified map approved with a 5-3 vote

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