FWISD Trustee is siding with the Woke Squad

Leadership ISD 2019 Alumni Photo of Trustee Evans

It is unfortunate that Trustee CJ Evans has recently been siding with the woke squad of Fort Worth ISD. One consequential vote that happened last month was about redistricting and rather than approving the map that the committee offered CJ voted with the progressives to modify the map since it would move a precinct into another district that is empty. Precinct 1005 is where Wallace Bridges lives and is good friends with Jacinto Ramos and the Equity group Leadership ISD. CJ Evans was also a member of Leadership ISD.

Precinct 1005 is where Wallace Bridges lives
Leadership ISD
January 18, 2021 Redistricting vote

CJ voted on a resolution to have a mask mandate if the court allowed the ISD on August 26, 2021 stating, ” Personal Liberties and freedoms of individuals need to be put aside temporarily to guard them.”

Support for Masks Go to 4:46:27

CJ also voted on having just one financial firm to oversee the 2021 bond expenditure in October of last year a move that the woke squad wanted since Jacinto Ramos cited “race” as a reason to just have one firm.

CJ Evans has supported the Racial Equity Department as she was seen attending a Racial Equity Summit last year. This is the same Equity Summit that had speakers such as Altheria Caldera say that it is “ok to be woke” and that social justice is important.

2021 Equity Summit
Leadership ISD
Intersection and Equity
Their goal is simple. Bring woeness and wasteful spending.

Why? Why do this when you are in a district that is heavily against woeness? Well some whispers out there state that she has made a deal with Quinton Phillips and Ramos to make her Vice President of the Board and in exchange Quinton becoming the Board President. Only time will tell.

But one thing is for sure. If she keeps this up she will be replaced in 2023.

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