School Board Trustee tells parents “You’re not my constituents”

This past Tuesday (February 22, 2021) more than 25 FWISD parents stayed for seven hours to make public comments at midnight. Several academic presentations were made during the seven hours, and three parents did a grievance hearing to dismantle the divisive Equity Committee. The Board decided to take no action.

Once public comment arrived, one parent, Hollie Plemons, asked the Board President if Jacinto and the other trustees could pay attention to the parents. Jacinto Ramos was reading a book while the public comment was happening. Trustee Ramos would get upset and start arguing with the parents. He would say, “You don’t own me” and “You’re not my constituent.” He would later mock the parents by raising the book he was reading and saying, “you should read this book.” He would demand the board president ask the public to say “Dr. Ramos” instead of “Cinto.”

Jacinto Ramos shows what is wrong with many school districts across the nation. They are arrogant, elitist, and don’t want any feedback or accountability. Jacinto Ramos only wants the Equity squad to attend school board meetings. He does not like it when conservative parents are present.

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