Fort Worth High School has doors that are unlocked and has trespassers

Trespasser seen at a Fort Worth ISD High School

An anonymous Fort Worth ISD employee sent several videos showing a lack of safety at a High School. In the videos, you can see that the high school does not have its doors closed. The employee shows how anyone can easily enter the high school without installing safety measures. In one of the videos, you can even see one of the security guards sleeping instead of patrolling and making sure there are no threats.
Another disturbing video that can be seen is when an unnamed person is seen leaving the campus when he is not a student of that High School. The employee videotapes as the security guard follow the trespasser.

The question is, why would a high school allow its doors to open? Not only that, but why didn’t the principal or assistant principals call the police? What would have happened if that trespasser had a firearm or another weapon?

With the tragedy at Uvalde shocking the whole nation and incidents in Arlington ISD and Richardson ISD, any evidence of a lack of security in a school needs to be addressed immediately. Our schools need to be protected and not left open to outside threats. Every school’s principals should be held accountable if they neglect these problems.

Unlocked Doors at the High School
High School Trespasser

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