Drag Queen, Abortion, and Gun Control events hitting the DFW Metroplex

Well, the Left is organizing this upcoming weekend. There will be a Pro-Choice rally this upcoming Saturday morning, an anti-gun march this Saturday afternoon, and a Disney Drag Queen event this upcoming Sunday.

You would expect that other events would be more careful with the Dallas Drag the Kids scandal. Well, it appears they still want to target the 18 and under audience. If you click the link to buy a ticket, it will say 21+, but if you go to the Dallas Pride website, you’ll see that it says “Audience: All.” We don’t know if this is an error. But it’s very suspicious to have a Disney theme for a Drag event when Disney is something primarily geared towards kids. Of course, Disney’s reputation has been ruined by its obsession with degeneracy. But this Drag event is shady.

You also have a significant Abortion event early in the morning in Downtown Fort Worth and a major Anti-Gun event this Saturday in the afternoon.

Texas is the battleground for the soul of the nation. The Left is organizing very well right now, and Conservatives must step up and do something to counter their moves. It would be an excellent prize for the Left if Texas fell into the blue column. A price we cannot pay.

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