What’s next for FWISD? Eliminating the Equity Department and getting a good superintendent

Scribner and Ramos both resigned early this year

With the resignation of Dr. Scribner becoming official this late August and with Trustee Cartel Ramos officially out of the Board, many are asking what the next step for Fort Worth ISD is? With the primary Critical Race Theory leaders gone, it’s time to do two things: A. Get a better superintendent who will not be woke, focus on academics, and put parental rights first. And B. (Probably the most important one) Dismantle the Equity Department.

Scribner leaving allows parents and Taxpayers to lobby the Board and demand a better candidate to be the next leader for the ISD. Scribner promoted Critical Race Theory and supported many woke policies for the ISD. With the help of Jacinto Ramos, his leadership helped establish an Equity Department in 2016 and currently has a $2,100,000 annual budget. The Department marks schools if they are equitable or not. Whats equitable? Ensure that the paintings, books, and teachers reflect the student body population. In simple terms, segregation. The Department, with its Committee, has weaponized race for financial reasons. The Director makes over $200,000 when scores have plummeted since 2016.
Equity Training has occurred as a result, and teachers have complained over the training being divisive.

And yes CRT is in FWISD Just look at the Video

Not only that, but the Committee has decided to close its doors to the public for the first time in seven years. Public minutes are vague as they provide hardly any detail on the conversations or plans for the ISD. The Calendar also does not have any date information for when the next meetings will be. So nothing is transparent with this Committee anymore.

This Department needs to be dismantled. There is no need to have a Department that only virtue signals and supports Critical Race Theory. Lets spend the 2.1 million dollars into protecting and securing our schools from threats instead.

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