How the Left took over the Conservative UTA Student Body Government

UTAs Student Government had a significant shake-up this past spring. Caitlyn Burge, the Student Body President, and her Chief of Staff, Alyssa Spencer, were impeached due to allegations of racism and transphobia. The campaign to remove them was not based on actual evidence of malice but more so on their political affiliation with the GOP and their conservative ideology. The radical leftwing forces in UTA rallied up their base and mobilized to remove the conservative student government.

Thomason, a former conservative and Vice President for the student government, began his crusade for acceptance by the Left by accusing Alyssa and Caitlyn of racism and transphobia. Thomason took this course of action since he also faced the possibility of impeachment due to his sexual harassment allegations. As a result, the Progressive Socialists exploited the infighting that the former Vice President created.

UTAs Protest organized by the PSU

Protests, social media activism, and the press helped fuel the overthrow of the conservative student government as both Alyssa and Caitlyn were unanimously removed from office. The Impeachment trial was spearheaded by the manager Jaqueline Avila who had difficulty defining racism and conservatism. Also, the former student body senator stated that the constitution technically did not apply in UTA. By the end of their trials, every student body senator clapped and cheered as they canceled someone for “mean comments.”

Alyssa Spencers Speech
Liberal Student Body Senator can’t define Conservatism
Liberal Student Body Senator can’t define Racism

By the end of April, the Conservative Student Government had been overthrown. And Thomason himself was not able to save himself from the leftwing mob he fueled as his very own allies turned on him eventually (rightfully so). Today’s new Student government idealizes AOC, and most are devout social justice activists. Some even have ties with the progressive socialists of UTA.

What’s more ludicrous is that several UTA Organizations and Departments went along with this leftwing rhetoric against Caitlyn and Alyssa. The Left saw the Conservative Student Government as a threat to their push for more Equity and Anti-racism insanity for student government employees. And now that they are gone, their plans for more wokeness such as DEI into the student body government will be successful. DEI is nothing more than a scam created to justify the existence of useless degrees such as ethnic studies.

The Radical Left won in UTA, and they’ve now begun the process of making the campus more similar to Portland or Chicago. Saying that Caitlyn Jenner is a woman is not violence. Frankly, biologically it is the truth! Comments that you may not like are part of life. And the fact that this was exploited all because left-wing activists did not like the conservative woman in charge of student government just shows the hypocrisy of the Left. After all, wasn’t the Left for woman’s rights and free speech?

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