Fort Worth ISD is training ESL Teachers Gender Fluidity and CRT this Summer

Once again, FWISD is doing teacher training focused on Critical Race Theory and Gender Fluidity. The Contractor the ISD hired is Dr. Jose Medina, a Social Justice activist. Jose Medina’s social media is filled with the most woke content, from wanting to abolish systems of oppression from the heterosexual society to promoting anti-racism and Roe V Wade; Medina is being paid with your Taxpayer’s money to train your FWISD teachers this summer! The question is, how much is he being paid?

The workshop for FWISD teachers had a packet for training called “Serving Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in an ESL Setting.” Medina made the teachers review the book called “Boys Don’t Cry” which is a Gender Fluidity book telling a story of a boy expressing his feminine side and coming out as gay. The packet states, “the idea that lesson planning is a political act: we either maintain or chip away at systems of oppression with each lesson we plan.” It even goes on to say the framework should have an “anti-bias/anti-racism work.” Buzzwords that CRT activists use.

Medina’s website states his goals which is all leftwing ideology that has no application in the workforce.

While the ISD’s student performance continues to plummet and teachers and students continue to leave in mass from FWISD, I wonder if this is even a wise investment for FWISD? Last time I checked, the ISD only had 22% of Black students and 33% of Hispanic students on grade level reading, while the Equity Director makes $202,000 a year with her department’s 2,200,000 dollar budget. Woke bureaucrats get richer while minority students get poorer in skills. Sounds like a scam.

Employers do not care about your woke buzzwords or if you memorized Ibram X. Kendis books. They care if you can be competent in the workforce.

Make sure you join us this July 26th at 4:30 PM as we demand the FWISD Board to Eliminate the Failed and Fraudulent Equity Department along side with its un-transparent Equity Committee! Scribner is leaving opens a door for a complete overhaul! I am the organizer for the event.

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