FWISD Racial Equity Co-Chair Harasses parents

During the last several months’ parents have spoken and taken action against the FWISDs mask policy and CRT. Some parents even sued the ISD for mandating masks and won. The parents knew they would face backlash but were not expecting to be attacked on social media and doxxed. Norma Garcia Lopez, the Co-Chair of the Equity Committee for FWISD, disagreed with the parents, began harassing parents on social media, and even doxxed several because they are conservative parents against mask mandates. The parents who sued the ISD have been harassed, bullied, and intimidated because they are fighting for their kids. Norma doxxed the parents by posting their addresses, phone numbers, and other sensitive information to the public.

One of the parents even got a voicemail from Norma, insulting the parent by using vulgar language and saying that the parent has white privilege. The voicemail is 17 seconds long and is posted down below. After receiving the voicemail, the parents decided to email the board under the advice of Trustee Anne Darr. She recommended the parents email the board about the situation that they were experiencing from an FWISD REC Official. Despite emailing the board, no action has been taken to discipline the Co-Chair for her unacceptable actions.

In the email, Hollie, Todd, and Kerri wrote the following, “Is taking photographs of parents at FWISD board meetings, then posting it online, calling them “idiots” & stating they are “teaching their kids not to care about others” really someone you want representing FWISD?”

Why is there no accountability? Is FWISD sending a message to parents that harassment, intimidation, and bullying are acceptable? Is this what happens when the ISD allows CRT to flourish?
Tolerating this sends a poor image of leadership to all FWISD students.
We expect better from FWISD, and we hope that the ISD holds the REC Co-chair accountable.

Norma Garcia Lopez leaving a despicable voicemail to a FWISD Parent
Facebook doxxing comment
Co-Chairs Tweet
Hollie, Todd, and Kerris email to the Board

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