Fort Worth ISD is training students to be Social Justice Warriors and teaching about “Whiteness”

Equity Summit Presentation
2021 Equity Summit Presenter details how Students will become social justice warriors and disrupt systems

Wokeness is everywhere in FWISD, thanks to Superintendent Scribner. Texas recently passed a bill that bans CRT elements in schools across the state. But yet it seems that Scribner and his ISD are still preaching CRT rhetoric despite the law going into effect this month.

The first presenter talks about how students must become social justice warriors and dismantle the systems of oppression by destroying and disturbing them.

The second presenter shows how everyone is operating whiteness. They clarify that they do not mean white people but a system of power and oppression. But that begs the question if it’s not for white people, why call it whiteness?

School Leadership for Social Justice Presentation
Whiteness presentation
Presentation also shows the debunked Systematic oppression Video

The “Whiteness” presentation also shows the debunked systematic racism video. The video shows wokeness such as implicit bias and institutionalized racism. Ben Shapiro broke down how the video is flawed and does not follow reality.

This summit was from December 4-8, 2021.

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