FWISDs Equity Department Mother of all Documents

FWISD has Courageous Conversation as a teacher training option for teachers. The egregious documents below highlight the most absurd theories and rhetoric surrounding race and what teachers have to learn throughout the training. From “examining whiteness” to the “white privilege” exercise, we can see that most items are not related to actual teaching skills orContinue reading “FWISDs Equity Department Mother of all Documents”

FWISD Student Indoctrination and more CRT Insanity!

FWISD has multiple student-led organizations that are focused on racial equity and social justice, such as My Brothers Keepers, My Sisters Keepers, United Voices for Change, etc. These organizations are there to help students of color, but they fail to do so in reality. Most of the time, it is focused on Critical Race TheoryContinue reading “FWISD Student Indoctrination and more CRT Insanity!”

FWISD Racial Equity Co-Chair Harasses parents

During the last several months’ parents have spoken and taken action against the FWISDs mask policy and CRT. Some parents even sued the ISD for mandating masks and won. The parents knew they would face backlash but were not expecting to be attacked on social media and doxxed. Norma Garcia Lopez, the Co-Chair of theContinue reading “FWISD Racial Equity Co-Chair Harasses parents”

Scribner promoting CRT and FWISD Traumatizing teachers and Preaching CRT

Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) and local media news outlets continue to deny that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is embedded in FWISD. Fox 4 and Spectrum News repeat the tagline that “CRT is not in the curriculum” in an attempt to discourage investigation into (and debate over) the existence, effects and impacts of CRTContinue reading “Scribner promoting CRT and FWISD Traumatizing teachers and Preaching CRT”